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About Me

Hi my name is Aaron and I started Red Byrd Creative because I love to tell stories! Whether if it's in a cinematic way or just a friendly conversation, I like sharing experiences that make up our biggest moments or our smallest accomplishments. Thanks to my beautiful wife, Ellen, I was encouraged to make the leap into full time shortly after starting the company and I haven't looked back to a 9 to 5 since!

Growing up in the 90's but also being influenced by my older sister's 80's knowhow, I grew up with a very wide variation of experiences and interests (TMNT and David Bowie to name a few). I found I was good with both a wrench and a paint brush, so I took naturally to things that were both mechanical and artistic. This led me to cameras and what you can capture with them!


My wife and I love to explore locally or abroad to find amazing sites and meet new people. There are so many stories to tell, so why not try to capture a few of the great ones!


Package Options


Package 1

This includes:

• 10 hours of Continuous Coverage

• 2 Videographers

• 1 min. Trailer - delivered 1 week after event

• 8 min. Highlight Film

• Extended Documentary (Doc + Montages)

• Keepsake USB & Digital Presentation


     This highlight will give you a cinematic and stylish look at your big day, allowing you to go further in depth and relive the best moments. The Doc Film with Montages makes sure no moment is missed, and allows for footage that might not of been able to fit into the highlight. This package makes sure all of the memories stay fresh and last for generations.

Detroit Yacht Club Wedding

Package 2

This includes:

• 8 hours of Continuous Coverage

• 2 Videographers

• 5 min. Highlight Film

• Documentary Film of Major Events

• Digital Download Delivery


     This highlight film is the perfect balance of length and content to share with friends and family. The Highlight Film takes a cinematic look at the important moments of your big day, while being customized to fit who you are, and what how your day made you feel.

Bride and Groom Rustic Wedding

 Package 3


• 6 hours of Continuous Coverage

• 2 Videographers

• 3 min. Highlight Film

• Documentary Film of Major Events

• Digital Download Delivery


     Sometimes the best way to celebrate your partnership is to keep it more focused. Whether an elopement or a shorter schedule, this Highlight Film is able to give a lighter viewing experience, while still showcasing main moments and emotions of the day.


Additional Options

Montages of non-major events 

• Aerial Coverage

• 4K Delivery of Final Films

• Rehearsal Dinner Coverage

• Engagement / Adventure Session

• 1 min. Coming Soon Trailer

• Playbook Travel Video Player

• Additional Time per Hour – 1 | 2 Videographers

• Raw Footage








$200 | $300


We are based in Metro Detroit, MI

 but always available to travel!




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Sea Water-The Source of Solutions of Modern-Day Water and Other crucial Crisis

Water scarcity is the most crucial problem around the Globe. It is because of two converging phenomena: Growing of fresh water use and Depletion of usable freshwater resources. The Millennium Development Goals within the United Nations, Millennium Declaration stated that by 2015 they resolve to “halve the proportion of people who are unable to reach or to afford safe drinking water”. In this case the seawater can be the source of the crucially needed “Drinking water” but still it has to be purified for that. For this matter , an idea can be presented for making not only drinking water but also producing H2 and O2 gas Flow Diagram of the Complete proposed Process to solve critical crisis (Water Crisis, Energy Crisis, Environmental Pollution Crisis and others…) by which we can generate electricity , scavenge the essential metals found in the seawater and also can be used to purify air i.e. to decrease the air pollution. Also it can produce its own needed materials by which the processing can be done. So it is a user-friendly process as well as Source of production of the crucial materials (like lithium). So it can be the one type of solution for the water crisis as well as the Air Pollution controlling which are the important aspects for Human life and broadly for our Earth to protect Future Generation. ptl.dxdoi.com/07-02msci Full text https://2edd239a-21aa-41cc-a45e-84832f36b982.filesusr.com/ugd/04176b_771a0f73da6e4f009993978bc4ae7414.pdf

Quantum Analysis of sub harmonic generation with two-mode coherent light

Theoretical Physics Letters (IF 1.4) : PTL Coresearch

Under this paper, the statistical and squeezing properties of light-driven by sub-harmonic generation with two-mode coherent light are studied. With interaction Hamiltonian of both two-mode coherent and sub harmonic generation, we have drive master equation of system under consideration. From the master equation, the solution of the C-number Langavine equation is derived. It helps us to solve quadrature variance, quadrature squeezing, mean, and variance of photon number for light produced by sub-harmonic generation with the two-mode coherent light state. And the result shows that; the squeezing occurs in plus quadrature with the maximum squeezing of 87% for

γ=1 and k=0.3. The photon statistics of the system under consideration is subpoissonian in which both mean & variance are increasing as kappa increase.